YAP! Builds With The Butterfly Program!

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Links

On Monday, May 7, the Butterfly program visited New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park on a field trip. During the field trip they learned about the park’s history through music videos created by the Youth Ambassador Program. They also participated in a “community pride workshop” where they wrote about things they learned during their park visit and the things that they are proud of in their city. After presenting what they wrote, the girls got a chance to meet the Youth Ambassadors, get autographs, and listen to a performance of YAP!’s new song, “Keep it Sustainable.” The performance was filled with youthful engergy as hands were waving in the air and clapping. By the end of the song all the girls were chanting “keep it sustainable” along with the youth ambassadors.

The Butterfly program is sponsored by the City of New Bedford Community Services. It is a program for girls at the Lincoln School in New Bedford. The program builds self-esteem and social skills in young women, and also
teaches community involvement and giving back. A large part of the program is getting the girls to dance, and the culminating activity is putting on a production to showcase what they learn during their experience. For more information on the Butterfly program contact Monica Castro Monica.Castro@newbedford-ma.gov. YAP! Stays on the move!


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