YAP! Challenges You To Find Your Adventure!

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Links


What happens when you mix YAP, Hip Hop, and the great outdoors? AN ADVENTURE! YAP! is currently working on a project to encourage people to “Find their Adventure” on the New England National Scenic Trail (NET). As part of the project, the YAP! team will explore different activities along the trail,and create a song and video to inspire others to visit the NET (New England Trail). To kick off the program, YAP! visited the Connecticut Forest and Park Association (http://www.ctwoodlands.org) in Rockfall Connecticut where they hiked to the top of Mt. Higby and met with staff from the NET to start initial planning for the project. Some of the feedback from YAP! Members and participants included:

 “Looking at the view, [I] can’t believe how close it was but I’ve never been here.” –Devonte –

“[the] Terrain was different but similar to other places, [It was rewarding] enjoying the day with everyone—personal connectionShared journey, shared path. –Tem Blessed

 “Get outside and move – expending energy. A guy lost 60 pounds by walking on the trail every day.” –Dakota –

“[It was]Challenging, [a]  metaphor for life. Times when your chillin, then steep, tough times, people falling around you. When you get to the top – wow it was worth it. Connected with myself.” –Sky –

Didn’t realize how big the world was.  Hiked a small portion but it seemed huge.”-Tori –

 “[I loved how we could] Bond at the top – Experiencing something together for the first time. Bonding as humans.”-Soulo –

“[What a nice opportunity to have] Lunch with family, very connected to myselfescape, rat race. Laughing with friends. Sharing, history, native people and how the connected with land. Sometimes you gotta walk sideways.”-Jen –

 “I could see the whole world and it makes me feel happy, and I’ve never been here before.”-Aya –

 “[There is] Joy in seeing people use the trail. Sometimes forget the meaning and importance of your work. Providing the opportunity for that.”-Claire –

 “[It was great] onnecting with each other, sharing, respect for each other. Community.”Nick –

 “[This was about] Fresh air, getting away from concrete. Being with good people. Different paths and angles to reaching the top.” –Ben –

 “Enjoying the trail, breaking bread with friends, bonding.” –Charlie –

 YAP! Is steady on the move and continuing to inspire youth everywhere, as well as adults who want to write off Hip Hop and the youth who love it as socially irresponsible. They are taking things to the next level and beyond with their concern for social and environmental justice, dedication to education, and passion for Hip Hop as a tool to carry forth their messages. Stay tuned for more project updates, the video will debut in the fall of 2012. This project is being funded by the National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program. GO YAP!!


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