YAP! So So Sustainable!

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Links


Last Thursday, YAP! Represented at the AHA! Night (Art • History • Architecture)  of FREE arts & cultural events which take place the 2nd Thursday of every month in Downtown New Bedford. AHA! is a collaborative cultural organization with over 60 downtown venue partners. This Month’s theme was Sustainability and YAP! was there to represent to the fullest!

Taking the stage, the young YAPpers displayed confidence and a sense of mission to educate about the importance of treasuring our environment, as well as  becoming responsible inhabitants of our planet. Together they showed the positive use of hip hop as a tool to educate and inspire. Their performance was exciting and empowering, raising the hands and consciousness of the youth in the audience. Their energy was absolutely infectious! YAP! showed us that saving the earth can be a good time.

Also in attendance was Jennifer DeBarros, the Executive Director of 3rd Eye, partner of YAP! and home of youth empowerment through hip hop. A New Bedford native, she was all too pleased to see YAP! perform and hold it down in this city that is tremendously reviving art and culture!

So what could be next for YAP! after such an amazing event? Well you know they can’t stop, won’t stop! Continuing their commitment to Get Outside and Move,  YAP! heads to the Connecticut Forest & Park Association for a full day retreat of hiking and facilitated discussions. Stay tuned for an update on the retreat and more! And in the meantime join our new Facebook FAN PAGE for continuous updates. Will these youth ever stop ceasing to amaze us? I highly doubt it!


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