YAP Gets Love From The National Park Service Homepage!

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Links

Well Yall! Yap has done it again as far as receiving National Recognition! The first time we had love from Michelle Obama for the LETS MOVE CAMPAIGN  and now we move onto the National Park Service for their support of the big things that Yap is doing!! Go to their site and see us come up! Then click on the link they provide for our videos and more!

U.S. National Park Service – Experience Your America

What was that? The latest video you asked for? No time to check this out right now? Ok…we got you covered! Our latest video was “Walk With Me” and as usual it is a BANGA! Directed  by Ben “First B” Gilbarg of Third Eye Unlimited (a partner of YAP), this video takes you on a walking tour of New Bedford showing you the power of youth and music to explore history. Check it out! And keep supporting yap! Email us and let us know you want to be on our list for exciting news and updates!


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